Was browsing through some old work and found this illustration I’d done two years back. Today all it reminds me of is #GOT :D (at Ranka Colony)
Was browsing through some old work today and found this :) (at Ranka Colony)
When the perfect colours just sort of come together.. (at 1512)
Camouflaged hunter #weeklyfluff  (at HSR Layout)
The Green Door (at HSR Layout)
Idlis served on melamine plates #idonotlike  (at Woody’s)
#WHPthegreatindoors   (at 1512)
Because curves are us (at 1512)
Wildflowers (at HSR Layout)
May the force be with you  (at 1512)
"I haven’t been anywhere, but it’s on my list." - Susan Sontag  (at Barcelona, La Ramblas)
Thursday  (at 1512)
Namma Bengaluru thumba hasiru ide  (at JP Nagar 2nd Phase)
@sahilkarkhanis drew me a cat. She looks out the window and soaks up the sun, all day long. #Cat  (at 1512)
Boy talk  (at Rasta Cafe)