Namma Bengaluru thumba hasiru ide  (at JP Nagar 2nd Phase)
@sahilkarkhanis drew me a cat. She looks out the window and soaks up the sun, all day long. #Cat  (at 1512)
Boy talk  (at Rasta Cafe)
On a day like any other #Vader  (at 1512)
Wear Sunscreen  (at Rasta Cafe)
Tuesday (at 1512)
On the road  (at Mysore Road)
After (at 1512)
Before (at 1512)
Graffiti in Catalonia <3 (at Carrer Ample)
Rise and shine, people! #MorningFinds #GoodMorning (at 1512)
Of nautical collars and Lubitels #Perfect (at Bandra Banstand)
Turning obsessions into art forms. Fixing broken objects, in this case. (at 1512)
Two drifters, off to see the world. There’s such a lot of world to see.  (at Barcelona, La Ramblas)
Wednesday (at 1512)