That moment when you slice open a guava and it turns out pink! #goodmorning  (at 1512)
Magnificent play of masses brought together in light. #architecture #spaces #Lightandshade (at 1512)
Winter is coming :) (at 1512)
It’s always in the details. Blue ceramic tiles cast in steps that lead to the garden. Neat.  (at 17th Main)
Happy Feet :D #workinprogress  (at 1512)
Sunday Portraits with @sahilkarkhanis and #Vader :)  (at 1512)
The poetry of objects unfinished. Forms that I have been sculpting for my ongoing project called Animal Farm, more about this work on nishichauhan.com (at 1512)
Shades of Seduction (at 1512)
Freedom is a dog chasing after a ball in the rain. Happy Independence Day!  (at 1512)
Saved from an unimaginative end #Gerry #AnimalFarm #tbt  (at Ranka Colony)
For in darkness I must dwell | Rhinoceros, limited edition linocut prints for sale on nishichauhan.com #tbt #throwbackthursday  (at 1512)
We love drawing cats ^_^ Totoro and colour spills by me and the cat by @sahilkarkhanis #doodlelove  (at 1512)
The perfect monsoon palette #colours #india  (at Kalyan Nagar)
I don’t like these early morning flights of yours. Not letting you go. (at 1512)
Adding my madness to Gaudi’s | A multiple exposure shot of light filtering through the roof in the nave of Sagrada Família. Love at first sight with @sahilkarkhanis #whplinemeetscorner  (at Sagrada Família)